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Landlord Eviction Attorney

18 years of landlord eviction attorney experience with strong real estate litigation experience.

Monthly experience in (multiple counties) court eviction matters representing landlords with hundreds of properties regularly.

Flat fee rate quotes - We know our timeline and what it takes to get your legal accomplishment.

Latest updates on current landlord protection laws and utilizing the judicial system to your prevailing advantage.

Attends continuing legal education to ensure legal successes.

Landlord Eviction Attorney Mt Clemens, John R. Tatone, of John R. Tatone & Associates has specialized in in landlord representation in landlord - tenant eviction law for 18 years. This encompasses disputes, leases, legal processes, and swift legal action for a flat rate.

John R. Tatone is a frequent visitor every month representing clients at the district courts in Livingston, Wayne, Oakland, Genesee, Washtenaw and Macomb Counties. John Tatone is willing to travel throughout Michigan, available state-wide.

Mr. Tatone personally owns multiple rental properties and knows first-hand the different challenges that landlords face when renting properties to tenants. Mr. Tatone also knows how to safeguard against these renter issues before they arise through his vast legal practice of landlord representation in addition to his own landlord experience. John Tatone & Associates has a client portfolio containing landlords that own over one hundred properties in various Michigan counties. 

Our clients with high volume properties keep John R. Tatone & Associates retained. This is due to satisfaction in our quick effective money saving results and volume discount for landlord eviction representation.

Mr. Tatone stringently trained his staff just for the landlord eviction process in Michigan. John R. Tatone & Associates has the latest technology, resources, paralegals, and staff to deliver a quick turn-around time to begin the eviction process.  For example, from the time John R. Tatone & Associates receives a faxed or emailed notice that you had sent your tenant, typically within 4-24 hours your complaint for eviction will be filed with the district court and the process begins.

Unlike many 'transactional' attorneys, who run and hide after a dispute arises regarding a legal case, Mr. Tatone prides himself on his ability to 'backup' the contents of the documents he drafts in court by serving as an effective litigator, witness or mediator. 

John R. Tatone is an attorney committed to giving clients the service they expect and deserve. He works hard and prides himself on his excellent communications skills - clients are never out of the loop. He has instilled in his staff the values that make a good law firm-client relationship, such as excellent service, reliability, honesty and hard work.

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Landlord Eviction Process can begin when:

Non-Payment of rent.

Violation of rental agreement.

Not renting unit to anyone anymore.

After a mortgage redemption period has expired.

Other reasons can still be upheld depending upon situation and timeliness of occurance.

Eviction notices are usually executed on the  fifth day non payment of rent.

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